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400 Amp, Single Pole, up to 600 VAC, 16 Series male panel mount connector. Accepts #6-4/0 single conductor cable.

Markets Served

Entertainment, Industrial, Military


Detachable male Panel Mount connector used in fabricating power distro, dimmer racks, etc.

Features & Benefits

  • Heavy duty construction and weatherproof materials assure reliable performance in harsh environments
  • Double set screw for convenient, reliable termination
  • Secure locking connection prevents accidental disconnect
  • Available in 5 colors for phase, ground, and neutral identification


Rating: 400 Amp, up to 600 VAC
Connector: Cam-type Series 16 male Panel Mount connector
Colors: Black, white, red, blue, green

  • Item #: E-1016 M. Panel Mount Dbl. Scr.
  • Manufacturer: Leviton

400 Amp Cam-Loc Male Panel Mount Connector Double Set Screw

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