Apollo Gel Sheets 20" x 24"
Uses / Applications:
Apollo Gel

Production companies and photographic markets use these plastic filters to add color to stage scenery and to provide color correction for theatre, film, and television. Gel creates mood by changing the color shade of light. Gel is used for short-term use, usually 6-10 hours.


Features / Benefits:

There are two widely accepted gel manufacturing processes: double-coated and deep dyed. Apollo Gel is coated on both sides of the polyester base material because many designers appreciate and demand the color consistency found in this process. Built-in controls ensure the color consistency throughout not only a single batch, but also from batch to batch. Controlling the dye density during the deep dyed process makes these assurances more challenging. Whenever good consistency and transparent colors are required, surface coated is the choice.

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  • Item #: Ap-Gel 2024
  • Manufacturer: Apollo

Apollo Gel Sheets 20" x 24"

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