Ship Wheel
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Gobos enhance design by creating great visuals on walls, floors, backdrops and other scenic elements. They can even be used in place of scenery. The appearance of the image can be affected and/or enhanced through the use of color filters and the angle and focus of the light being used, allowing for additional design flexibility.

Standard Gobos vs. Custom Gobos

Providing useable standard pattern designs is an enjoyable process and Apollo offers hundreds of standard patterns, from clouds to hearts, to cover many needs. Yet, there are many occasions when personalization is also needed. A corporation needs to project their logo, or a wedding may want to be personalized with the bride and groom's names, or a photograph would best set the scene on stage. These occasions and many more are when a custom gobo is necessary.

Glass Gobos vs. Steel Gobos

Glass gobos project clear, crisp detailed photos, images, or logos that require specific color matches or gray scale without "bridging". Metal gobos require "bridging" which connect the lines necessary to maintain the overall appearance and integrity of the image.

  • Item #: Apollo MS #1064
  • Manufacturer: Apollo
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: MS #1064

Apollo Gobo MS #1064 Ship Wheel

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