Apollo Simple Single
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Apollo's Simple Single rotator allows designers to create fantastic kinetic lighting effects by rotating one gobo infinitely variable CW/CCW rotation range of 0-21rpm.

The Simple Single rotator is belt driven for quiet operation and powered by a 24VDC, 600 mA AC adaptor. A 1/4" audio jack offers reliable power connection. The rotator has a rugged design for durability and accepts either a "B" size metal or glass gobo. The heavy duty retaining ring holding the gobo in place is made of machined aluminum and is secured in place by two spring clips for easy adjustment and replacement.

Compatible Fixtures: ETC Source Four, Strand SL, Altman Shakespeare, Times Square Q435, and the Selecon Pacific (when iris slot cover is removed)

Dimensions: 11.30" (l) x 4.70" (w) x 2.62" (d) ; 28.7cm (l) x 11.94cm (w) x 6.65cm (d)

Gobo Size: 1 "B" round metal or glass

Drive System: Silent drive belt

Rotation Speeds: Infinitely variable cw/ccw, 0-21 rpm

Power Requirement: 24VDC adaptor supplied with unit

Data / Power Transmission: 1/4" audio jack transfers 24VDC

Power Cord Length: 6 ft./1.83m

Weight: 3.1 lb. / 1.40kg.

Retaining Ring: Reversible metal or glass gobo

Effect Options: 2 (CW/CCW)

Effect Settings: Speed control knob

Ratings: CE and FCC compliant

Packaging: Corrugated box (includes Apollo screwdriver)

Do Not Plug Into Dimmed Sources

Warranty: Items are covered for defects in materials and workmanship for one year, including repair parts and repair labor on defective item, from date of Apollo invoice.  The warranty covers freight for 30 days after initial purchase.  Apollo does not cover any other loss resulting from product failure.  Products being returned for warranty repair must display the original serial number sticker.  Removal of the serial number sticker voids the product's limited warranty.

  • Item #: SM-MOVE-S
  • Manufacturer: Apollo

Apollo Simple Single

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