City Theatrical Show DMX Dimmer
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The SHoW DMX Three Channel 10A Dimmer provides three independently controllable 10A 9-24V DMX/RDM DC dimmers

in a single compact package with a total capacity of 30 amps. With its four different output configurations, the SHoW DMX

Three Channel 10A Dimmer can be used as three individual 10A DC dimmers for incandescent loads, as three individual

linear curve dimmers, as three individual non-dims, or as three individual LED dimmers. Additionally, any two outputs are

usable as 15A dimmers, or any single output is usable as a 30A dimmer. In LED mode, the units are perfect for controlling

low voltage LED RGB tape, or other types of RGB LEDs.

  • User-selectable output formats
  • Built-in level test and bump buttons
  • RDM access to DMX address, configuration, battery voltage and other functions
  • Mounting/hanging bracket included


  • Item #: City Theatrical 5620
  • Manufacturer: City Theatrical
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 5620

City Theatrical Show DMX Dimmer

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