City Theatrical Show DMX Neo Reciever
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High Data Fidelity
City Theatrical's double award winning SHoW DMX utilizes a patent pending radio that synchronizes the radio's hopping

pattern with the incoming DMX packet to ensure the highest levels of data fidelity ever seen in wireless DMX.

Plays Well with Others
Our range of user-selectable features allow us to peacefully coexist with WiFi signals in the area.

And we have the Data to Prove it!
CTI is the first company anywhere to publish statistical data on wireless DMX performance. 

See our lab data and other wireless documentation

Transmitter and Receiver
The SHoW DMX Transmitter contains a range of features that assure high data fidelity while still having the ability to

minimize its effect on WiFi in the area. We designed our radio specifically to broadcast DMX, and its frequency hopping

pattern is timed to coincide with each arriving DMX packet. Only complete DMX packets are broadcast, assuring the highest

data fidelity levels attainable. Three user-selectable methods are available to minimize SHoW DMX’s effect on WiFi: Limited

Output Power (from 5-125mW FCC), Limited Bandwidth (select full bandwidth or any one of three sub bands), and Limited

Burst (output any number of channels up to 512 in groups of 32).

  • Patent pending 2.4GHz Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum radios, optimized for broadcasting DMX
  • RDM: Monitor and change your system from your laptop with our built in SHoW DMX Monitor system.
  • Art-Net and ACN capable
  • Simple default Plug and Play mode. If you don’t want to fine tune any settings, take it out of the box, plug it in, and
  • broadcast your show.
  • Mounting/hanging bracket included


  • Item #: City Theatrical 5711
  • Manufacturer: City Theatrical
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 5610

City Theatrical Show DMX Neo Reciever

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